Yoga & Meditation

Hi, my name is Jolijn van Oers.
In the summer of 2016, I walked into a small yoga studio in Rochester, New York. I immediately felt like “wow, I’m home now.” At the time, I had already practiced hatha yoga for eight years, but it was there, in Rochester, that yoga really took hold of me. That feeling never left me and I was fascinated by this sense of clicking. It’s amazing to experience how diverse yoga can be and how personal.

By now I’ve been able to get this sense of coming home in various studios. Moreover, I learned to find this feeling within myself. Ever since that first click, I’ve wished to share this experience and pay it forward.

In 2020 I made my wish come true and I took up teacher training (YTT200) in the German town of Ravensburg, where I live and work.

Yoga means connection. The connection between body and mind, between the inner and outer world. It’s a journey that lets you playfully discover yourself. It offers movement, energy, as well as moments of quietude among the daily chaos that is modern life. What does your yoga practice look like?


The lockdown due to COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 has disrupted all of our lives. But for some, it may have taught us to stay close to home and ourselves. And ways in which we can stay connected through all of that.

This is where online yoga courses have proved to be valuable. By booking an online course, you can practice from home while training together with others. It can also be a helpful incentive to really block your calendar and take the time to roll out your mat.

If you leave your webcam on during  the course, I can provide you with feedback and offer you direct tips for optimal alignment.

I teach vinyasa based classes. This is a dynamic, active style of yoga for which we flow through poses on the rhythm of our breath. Influenced by anusara yoga, I make sure to leave enough time to feel and connect to your own body, in order to build the poses on a stable and safe alignment.


Regular online courses:

Drop me a mail to inquire about the possibilities 🙂

NOTE: Schedule may change during summer or holidays. Send me a message through the contact form or for current info 🙂

Register at / registrations close 24h before scheduled course

Would you rather practice at a different time? Or in Dutch? You can book a private session, which we will fully tailor to your wishes. A private session is also advisable for beginners who have never attended a yoga course before. That way, you have time to get to know the basics with more detailed step-by-step instructions.


Regular online courses 60 minutes: EUR 10, or 5x pass for EUR 45.

Private online sessions cost €40 for 60 minutes, or 3 x 60 minutes for €100. Longer sessions are possible too (eg. 75 / 90 / 120 minutes).


I completed my yoga teacher training in accordance with the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance requirements between March and December 2020, under the guidance of Ina Bubik of Yogaraum Ravensburg and Nicole Konrad. I completed the course with a practical exam in January 2021, which granted me the YTT200 Yoga Alliance certificate. Do you want to know more about this qualification? Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

ga mee op reis naar jezelf.