Life is there for you to discover.

A rich, multifaceted life. A little bit indecisive perhaps. But indecisiveness can bring freedom, too. You don’t always have to choose. Which is why you’ll find information about all of my different activities here. Yoga, language and the art of living. Will you join me on this voyage of discovery?

On Zen, Freedom and Eating Quickly

I spent seven days at a Zen monastery in the German village of Buchenberg. The program contained about 5 hours of Zen meditation (zazen, sitting in silence) and 2 yoga classes per day. Each day followed the same schedule, each…

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Summer update – embracing imperfection ❤

(siehe unten für Deutsch) Maybe you’ve been following me and already noticed I made some changes to the Yoga Stories design. It’s exciting to slowly work towards an unclear goal. It’s also quite new for me. I’m a huge perfectionist…

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YOGA is connection. Between body and mind, between the inner and outer world. It’s a journey that lets you playfully discover yourself. It offers movement, energy, as well as moments of quietude among the chaos of modern life. I help people connect through dynamic yoga classes with plenty of space to tune into themselves. What does your yoga practice look like?

LANGUAGE is so much more than a mere collection of letters, words or sentences. For the past 7 years, I have been working as a freelance translator and copywriter. I apply this experience to combine accuracy, knowledge, style and passion into attractive translations, articles and subtitles. I offer these services in Dutch, English and German. What text may I help you with?